The Benefits of Being Happy

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The Benefits of Being Happy


Everyone has been “Happy” this year with the hit song from Pharrell continuing to top the music charts around the globe. The artist also partnered with the United Nations to celebrate the recently created “International Day of Happiness.”


So the verdict is in – we like to be happy. We look to fill our lives with more joy, because it makes us feel better. But did you know there are some other advantages to being happy? Here are 3 benefits we receive from being happier.


1. Happiness improves health. In a study of more than 160 human and animal subjects, The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, found that happier people tend to experience better health than their unhappy peers.

2. Happiness lengthens life. Researchers found that anxiety, depression and lack of enjoyment are all associated with higher rates of disease and a shorter lifespan. Happiness can further lengthen the life of already healthy people. 

3. Happiness boosts productivity. In a study conducted at the University of Warwick, U.K., individuals that were happy displayed approximately 12% greater productivity than their not-so-happy counterparts.


Here are a few ways to be happier:

1. Be around positive influences.

2. Write down what you are thankful for daily.

3. Set small daily goals, and achieve them.

4. Find what you love doing, and do it often.


If those don’t work, you could always dance along to Pharrell Williams. It is at least sure to put a smile on your face.