Sticking With Your Skin Care Routine to Achieve Your Desired Results

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Sticking With Your Skin Care Routine to Achieve Your Desired Results

Seeing results in your skin care requires complying with a product’s application directions.


Are there areas in your life that you’d like to see progress or improvement? In order to be successful, you will need to put in consistent effort to see results. The need for compliance is a prevalent and constant part of our daily lives from abiding to traffic laws for safety, exercising and eating well for better health, getting to work on time for a more productive day, to other daily activities that help keep our lives running smoothly. Parents, mentors, and organizations all help to reinforce these practices and behaviors. As you may have learned from personal experience, non-compliance in some of these cases can lead to undesirable outcomes.


Seeing results in your skin care requires complying with a product’s application directions. This means that if the directions state to apply to moist skin twice a day, you will not see the same results by applying only once a day to dry skin. Compliance 100% of the time is easier said than done, and is unfortunately often hampered by other daily activities that may get in the way.


How Compliance Can Help You Achieve Optimal Results

Sometimes the best things in life take time and consistency. Dr. Molly Wanner, M.D., M.B.A., a member of Nu Skin’s Anti-Aging Scientific Advisory Board, gave the example that with Retinoids, a form of vitamin A, it may take up to six months to start seeing results. Often when people do not see quick results, they become frustrated and disengaged. They lose patience with the product and stop using it as directed1. Unfortunately when they give up too quickly, they do not achieve the best-possible results the product has to offer. Consistently using a product as directed is always a good rule of thumb. For this reason, many cosmetic products are formulated with ingredients that are fast acting when combined with other ingredients that take longer to see results, but have more lasting benefits.






Formulated with topically applied nutrients proven by research to naturally enhance the healthy appearance of skin.




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Improving Compliance through Education

So what can be done to improve compliance? Being properly educated on how your skin care product works and why using it as directed can be more effective is the first step.2 The more you understand why you should be doing something a certain way, the better you tend to incorporate it into your life. At Nu Skin we strive to provide products that will give great results quickly and that will also have a lasting effect. We provide the technical information regarding these products in the form of product information pages as well as clinical studies in order to educate. Make sure to read the directions and follow them consistently to ensure compliance, helping you achieve the look of healthy, youthful skin. ■



Written by:

Dale Kern

Principal Scientist

Nu Skin Research and Development



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