Life is Meaningless Unless You Help Others

Life is Meaningless Unless You Help Others

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Chen Xiu Cai grew up in a village near Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China, as the son of poor farmers. He was always told he must be educated to acquire financial abundance, and that he would not be able to find a wife unless he had a house. At 11, he traveled to Shanghai with his grandfather to sell crabs.  He was impressed by the “outside world,” and he made a decision to one day move from his village to the city.


To be successful as he made this change in his life, he knew he had to go to college. He failed his first two attempts to pass the entrance exam. Meanwhile, he wanted to help with his family’s expenses, so he moved to Jiangxi province to work as a carpenter. During this time he thought about what kind of person he wanted to become. After reading about a boy whose educational background was similar to his and was admitted to a college, Chen Xui Cai took the entrance exam again and easily passed. He studied very hard and earned top marks. After graduating, he applied to graduate school and also worked during the summer at his teacher’s home in exchange for English language tutoring. He was admitted into a master’s program as a military college student. Upon graduation, his next step was to earn his doctorate. When he realized this path did not meet his goal of helping many people, he decided to give up pursuing his doctorate and go straight to finding a job—a decision that at first greatly upset his family.


Chen Xiu Cai worked many different jobs, from military school instructor to security guard to general manager of a foreign-owned company. He was skeptical at first when introduced to Nu Skin; however, he was impressed by the idea that he could become successful by helping others achieve their goals. He also realized the business model could improve others’ personal development and understanding of life. Chen Xiu Cai said he chose Nu Skin because as a poor child who received help from many people, he knew from an early age that he wanted to improve others’ lives. “The meaning of life lies in helping numerous people achieve happiness and success,” he says. When Nu Skin opened in China, he and his wife, Liang Fang, adopted a positive but “no haste” strategy which eventually led them to Team Elite status six times and to become members of Nu Skin’s Five Million Dollar Circle[i].

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Setbacks Never Altered His Beliefs


Setbacks—what Chen Xiu Cai calls “low tides”—appear in any business, and Chen Xiu Cai dealt with such challenges by changing his attitude. At times he may have been frustrated, but he never thought of giving up. He simply stepped back to assess the problem again, and then he could find a solution. He was presented with many other opportunities during these low tides, but he felt Nu Skin was the only vehicle that would take him not only to financial freedom but also to serving as a force for good in the world. “I didn’t have to compromise my own beliefs to meet the company’s philosophy,” says Chen Xiu Cai. “I never forgot where I was simply because I achieved some success at a certain point. On the other hand, I never let setbacks alter my beliefs.” He and Liang Fang also learned a valuable lesson when Liang Fang got pregnant and their plans were interrupted. They adopted a new attitude to accommodate this change, and created a new understanding of life as they welcomed their new baby.


Success Requires Continuous Pursuit of Your Dream


Chen Xiu Cai believes it is important for distributors to keep their vision and values for the future clearly in sight as they build their businesses and win over customers. Today, with years of experience, he is pleased that so many of his business partners continue to grow and are making their lives full of meaning and value. Through the support his team members give to each other, Chen Xiu Cai enjoys what he calls ultimate ease and happiness. He believes those with a strong belief system and who do the “right things” will have productivity, and will give their team strong direction. He also feels that consistently taking steps toward your goals and putting proven leadership skills into play will produce positive results at key moments. After years of building a successful Nu Skin business and meeting so many people, Chen Xiu Cai knows that success requires respecting everyone you meet and continually pursuing your dream.  


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[i] Five Million Dollar Circle Members are distributors who have earned over five-million dollars in commissions over the lifetime of their Nu Skin distributorship. In 2012 the average commission paid to U.S. Active Distributors was $133.92 monthly ($1,607.04 annualized).  In 2012 the average percentage of Active Distributors that earned commissions at the highest level (Blue Diamond) was 0.15 percent. Not all distributors succeed or make money. Generating meaningful compensation as a Distributor requires considerable time, effort, and commitment. For a complete summary of distributor compensation paid at all levels within the Sales Compensation Plan, please contact the company at 800-487-1000 or go visit online.