Nu Skin Introduces ageLOC Me, A Customized Anti-Aging Skin Care Solution




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Smart device combines patented technology and breakthrough
anti-aging formulations to deliver a personalized regimen


PROVO, Utah – October 6, 2016 Everyone possesses their own unique style, personality and complexion. So when it comes to skin care, shouldn’t it be as unique as we are? Reimagining anti-aging skin care, Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc., a global leader in anti-aging beauty and wellness products, is introducing ageLOC® Me in the United States, Canada and Latin America. This first-of-its-kind, customized skin care system delivers a personalized daily regimen of products based on individual preferences and skin care needs.


ageLOC Me brings together Nu Skin’s most advanced anti-aging skin care formulations with a smart delivery device for a truly personalized skin care solution. ageLOC Me delivers a customized regimen of powerful anti-aging moisturizers and serums from almost 2,000 possible combinations in a simple-to-use, at-home beauty device.


It Starts with You

Once a person uses the baseline set of moisturizers and serums for two weeks, the next step is to complete a simple electronic skin assessment test that determines individual skin care needs through a series of questions concerning environment, region, individual skin attributes, personal aging concerns and preferences. Individuals can dial in targeted benefits with the serums that best fit their needs and skin care concerns. At the end of the assessment, consumers receive a skin care code for their precise personalized regimen. The assessment can be completed multiple times to account for changing needs such as seasons, geographic location and skin care priorities.


“At Nu Skin, we understand that everyone’s skin is different—and we want our consumers to feel that no matter their skin type, they can receive a tailored experience that exclusively fits their needs each time they use our products,” said Dr. Joseph Chang, chief scientific officer, Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. “With the launch of ageLOC Me, we’re addressing the convergence of two important trends—the growing consumer demand for personalization as well as the growth in anti-aging skin care and home beauty devices. We’re thrilled to offer such a unique product that provides an individualized experience all within one smart device.”


Smart Skin Care Technology with ageLOC® Me

The ageLOC Me device stores, combines and dispenses skin care products through technology covered by multiple patents. The smart device weaves multiple serums together in microlayers before application, which has been shown to provide more even distribution and better absorption than mixing by hand. Each day and night regimen is delivered in precise doses to save time, reduce complexity and track usage for efficient and consistent application. Initial studies revealed that more than 90 percent of users found ageLOC Me made their daily skin care regimen more convenient and committing to a skin care routine easier.


Each personal skin care regimen includes:

  • ageLOC Me Serums (3)—Maximize anti-aging treatment with the power of three to improve the visible signs of aging—lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and rough, dull skin—resulting in noticeably healthier, younger looking skin.
  • ageLOC Me Day Moisturizer—A refreshing way to begin the morning, Day Moisturizer provides hydration to strengthen and maintain the skin’s natural moisture barrier, helping protect throughout the day.
  • ageLOC Me Night Moisturizer—Specifically formulated to rejuvenate as you sleep, Night Moisturizer calms and soothes the skin while aiding the natural nighttime recovery process.



ageLOC Me will be available in the Americas region beginning January 10, 2017 for $298, which includes the smart device and a 30-day supply of product. Refill cartridges cost $99 to $149 for a 30-day supply. For more information, please visit


About Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc.

Founded more than 30 years ago, Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. develops and distributes innovative consumer products, offering a comprehensive line of premium-quality beauty and wellness solutions in more than 50 markets worldwide. The company builds upon its scientific expertise in both skin care and nutrition to continually develop innovative product brands that include the Nu Skin® personal care brand, the Pharmanex® nutrition brand, and most recently, the ageLOC® anti-aging brand. Since its introduction in 2008, the ageLOC brand has generated more than $5 billion in sales and built a loyal following for such products as the ageLOC Youth nutritional supplement, the ageLOC Me® customized skin care system, as well as the ageLOC TR90® weight management and body shaping system. Nu Skin sells its products through a global network of sales leaders. As a long-standing member of direct selling associations globally, Nu Skin is committed to the industry's consumer guidelines that protect and support those who sell and purchase its products through the direct selling channel. Nu Skin is also traded on the New York Stock Exchange. More information is available at


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